Power Flushing

Any of these symptoms on the right could indicate that your system has circulation and flow problems resulting from internal corrosion and the formation of rust, sludge and scale deposits. These problems could reduce the efficiency of your heating system by up to 25% A Power flush from Coleraine Boiler Services could be the answer

What is Power Flushing?

The most efficient means of cleaning dirty central heating systems. Power flushing forces water and rust removing chemicals around the heating system in order to remove corrosion deposits. As deposits are loosened the water becomes dirty and is pumped to drain and replaced with clean water and corrosion inhibitors.

The radiator surface temperatures are monitored after the power flush, entered on our customer record sheet and the condition of the water Power flushing is a vital mess free household maintenance process that poses little inconvenience and can ensure that your heating system is working at optimum efficiency heating radiators up quickly saving fuel

How long does it take?

Depending on your location we normally arrive at your home at 8:30 am and the complete process is usually completed in six to eight hours depending on the size of your system. Occasionally during the course of the power flushing we may find parts that need replacing, for example radiator valves or worn pumps, we would advise you if the work was urgent or not and tell you how much it would cost.

power flush is not aggressive but should a radiator start to leak during the flushing process it is because it was only the rust in the radiator that was keeping it watertight and the radiator could have leaked at any time, but at least we are on site to deal with the problem and fit a new replacement radiator.

After the hundreds of power flushing’s we have undertaken this has not happened yet. During the survey of your heating system we will look at how the system has been installed and advise you on any faults that could have contributed to your system being sludged and slow

Poor performing radiators on some systems could be due to the wrong sized pipework often in extensions; power flushing would probably not solve these problems.


Efficient central heating and hot water, rust protected central heating, a scale protected system and lower fuel bills.

We feel that power flushing more than makes up for the cost of the power flush itself.


  • Central Heating Problems!
  • Is your system slow to warm up?
  • Are some of your radiators completely or partially cold?
  • Do your radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Is your radiator water dirty or discoloured?
  • Radiators leaking or pinholes?
  • Are there kettling noises from the boiler?
  • Do you have repeated pump failures?


Average up to eight radiator system £250.00 + VAT

Extra radiators £10.00 + VAT

Larger properties cost subject to survey

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